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Phoenix Pagan Pride Day 2003
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We are pleased you have chosen to visit the 2nd Annual Phoenix Pagan Pride Fall Festival website.

This year the Phoenix Pagan Pride Day celebration will be even better than last year's event. We'll have more workshops, more entertainment, more vendors - more everything!

We have a date and a location!

Phoenix Pagan Pride Day 2003 will be held at Steele Indian School Park (the same park as last year) on Saturday October 4th, 2003.

Our new logo!!
Our official Phoenix Pagan Pride logo was designed by a wonderful artist Ameth Aston. Click here to see our new logo full-sized.

See the full size Logo here!


Come and hear Author AShleen O'Gaea!

Ashleen O'Gaea
, (Tucson, AZ) is an author, high priestess, mother, and former teacher. Along with her husband, she founded the Tucson Area Wiccan-Pagan Network. She and Canyondancer lead Campsight Coven, through which they've developed the Adventure Tradition of Wicca. She also serves as a founding board member and the senior Corresponding Priestess of Mother Earth Ministries-ATC, a Pagan prison ministry.


Ritual Schedule

10am Opening Ritual - The Coven of the Amber Raven
11am Native American "Prayer Ties" - Morning Sparrowhawk 12noon - Celtic - The Clann A Choin Fhoir
1pm Northern "Sun Blot" - Grandmother Spider
2pm Egyptian - Marsha Henderson and Raymond
3pm Druidic - Edhilyn
4pm Eclectic - Circle of the Silver Star
6:30pm Closing/Blessing - The Coven Of Danu


Author Emery Summerland to appear at Pagan Pride Day.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

Phoenix Pagan Pride 2003